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First Night, Mr. Souvlaki's, and Back Draughts

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The seller of our new home left a lot of furniture behind, enough that we didn't have to move any in to spend the night there. We brought pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, and normal overnight stuff and voila - we were ready to spend the night.

We arrived early afternoon and were met by my grandma Joan and my uncle Lee. They were bearing gifts of fast food, which was much appreciated. They wanted to see the place before too much renovating was completed. Lee also needed to scope out which repairs he was going to help with. He was already slotted to build the back deck. We gave them the tour and hung out a bit. Joan took a mattress and box spring with her for a twin bed, since we had extra. After a car trip around Tarpon Springs to show them downtown, Fred Howard Park, and the Sponge Docks, they headed back north.

Around 4:00, Aric and I walked to Mr. Souvlaki's, a Greek restaurant nearby (home of the Greek chow mein?). The walk took less than 10 minutes, which was good because it started raining as soon as we got there. We ordered a bottle of Greek red wine and some hummus. We've had both before and they're awesome. The one downside is they charge for pitas. This fact won't keep us from coming back, we'll just go there less than we otherwise would. They did give me free rice pudding though, which has a strange texture, but is delicious:

Once the rain let up a bit, we walked home, showered, and killed some time before dinner. We drank some more wine, played cards, and sat on the porch watching and listening to the rain. Just after 8:00, we walked downtown to Back Draughts, which is a pleasant, short walk as well. I wasn't super hungry, probably due to the hummus appetizer, so my plan was to eat a soup and one piece of pizza. Their creamy mushroom soup was scrumptious! The meatball ricotta pizza wasn't bad (I ended up having 2 pieces), although Aric would have preferred the ricotta be warm. They must have added it after the pizza was cooked in the wood fire. We took some pizza home, so the ricotta will be hot when we have leftovers later! We'll be back again to see if we like their other pizzas more.

Stay tuned for more Tarpon Springs adventures!

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