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Remodel of Acorn Cottage

The previous owners of this property did a lot of the work themselves, including at least 3 of the 4 showers. Last year, we found out that the shower pan in the master bathroom was not installed properly, and we had to remedy this problem. When we found out about that shower pan, I started watching the other bathrooms closely, and Acorn Cottage's bathroom caught my eye. Aric bought a moisture gun and sure enough - the floors were wet. We originally thought this was prior damage because it was dry at the time of our inspection.

We quickly moved a reservation from Acorn Cottage into Palm Cottage, and scheduled the same crew that did our master bathroom to replace the floors at a minimum. It turns out the toilet, shower pan, and wall AC were not installed properly. One week and $10,000 later, Acorn Cottage has been fully remodeled and it's beautiful (scroll right for after photos)!

Now we have serious questions about the upstairs bathroom....

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