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Winos for Wine Society

One of the main reasons my husband, Aric, and I moved from Feather Sound to Tarpon Springs was because we both started working from home. This was a change from when we moved into our house in Feather Sound. At that time, I was working in an office downtown St. Pete about 50% of the time, and Aric worked in Tampa. In that world, we were relieved to come home and chill at the end of the day.

When we both started working from home full time, we could not wait to LEAVE the house at the end of the work day. In Feather Sound, this meant going for a walk in the neighborhood, going to the gym when it's packed, or getting into the car in rush hour traffic. In Tarpon Springs, the options are endless.

Last week, we wanted to try something new to cap our first week living in Tarpon Springs full time. There is an establishment in downtown Tarpon Springs right on Tarpon Ave that we've walked by countless times called Wine Society. Anyone who knows Aric and me will tell you that we love wine. Mostly red wine. The fact that months after falling in love with Tarpon Springs we hadn't become patrons of Wine Society absolutely had to be remedied.

We walked to Wine Society around 5:30 on Friday, which is about a 15-minute walk. We were met with a beautifully-designed space. I'm no expert on interior design, but I might call it farmhouse chic. The dark blue walls are accented throughout with gold fixtures and decor. There are seating areas with comfortable-looking couches on either side as you walk in. Beyond those, the bar is on the right, high tops (made from barrels) are in the middle, and booths are on the left. We sat in a booth.

Always hoping for a deal, we were slightly disappointed to find Wine Society does not have a happy hour. Any disappointment went away once we saw the wine list. We knew this was a place where we could try new wines. We've been focused lately on Italian reds, like sangiovese and super tuscans. I've been dabbling in Washington and Oregon wines as well.

We tried an Italian wine and an Oregon one and enjoyed them both. Our server was subdued and quiet, which added to the experience rather than detracted. Though the Wine Society has food, we didn't order any this time, which is really no matter because, like Terminator: we'll be back!

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