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Hippie Fest & Bayou Bistro

Aric and I walked down to the sponge docks on Saturday to see what Hippie Fest was all about. We were not disappointed! Attendees dressed up, which added to a great overall vibe. There were probably twice as many stalls as there are during First Friday, and some were filled with familiar faces. We listened to the live music and took in the sights, including a handful of VW buses:

As we walked past the end of the blocked off area (the traffic circle), we continued to the end of the docks, past Rusty Bellies, to a bar on the water. This place is called the Bayou Bistro, although it resembles a tiki bar or hut more than a bistro, but I digress. The Bayou Bistro boasts an outdoor bar and food truck. We can attest that the food is good and reasonably priced:

Aric loves their fish bites and fish sandwich (pictured). I am OBSESSED with their French dip (pictured). We anticipate many more fun times at this establishment!

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