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New Property: Waterfront Duplex in Hudson, FL

Aric and I recently decided to rent out the bottom floor of the main house in Tarpon Springs, which means we needed a new place to stay. When we're gone, we'll rent our Hudson place out as well! If you followed our 2020 renovation closely, you'll quickly notice this property did not need as much work, but the before and after pictures still turned out pretty well (we think). We replaced the fence, took out some stumps, designed the yard and added new plants, purchased and installed new appliances, redid the upstairs floors, and a ton of other odds and ends.


Aric and my mom designed the yard, and the placement of the plants.

Upstairs Floors:


We really like this duplex! The unit you're looking at is the larger of the two at about 1500 square feet. The other is about 1400 square feet. Both are 2 bedroom/2 bathroom townhouse-style units. We're looking forward to buying a boat and enjoying life on the water a bit more. Don't worry, though! We plan on spending plenty of time in Tarpon Springs because we still absolutely love it!

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