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Where You Should Eat in Cedar Key

Never been to Cedar Key? Or maybe haven't been in a while? Check out our recommendations:


  • Annie’s: adorable place on the water across the street from our building. This restaurant is often mentioned by guests in our reviews, and they rave about it too. Great breakfast. No AC. No cheddar cheese.

  • 2 Street Café: This restaurant has a larger menu than Annie’s, but they charge for water, which annoys me. They also change the days they’re open and closed often. But the food is good.


  • Tony’s: Located on 2nd Street, Tony’s is great for chowder and lunch. Note that it is pretty small, so you might have to wait, but it’s worth it.

  • 1842 Daily Grind: While this is good for coffee, they also have lunch specials and sandwiches that we've enjoyed.

  • Steamers: Located on Dock Street, you can’t beat Steamers for lunch. It shouldn’t be too busy and there are great views. They also change $1 for water. We go here for dinner sometimes too.


  • 83 West: Also located from Dock Street, 83 West has great food, great views, and a lovely atmosphere.

  • The Island Hotel: We recommend getting steak at the restaurant in the Island Hotel. It’s a bit fancier than most other places on the island. (Pittsburgh style = tastes better than it looks.)

Let us know what you think!

Note: We do not recommend the Island Room nor the Tipsy Cow.

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