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2nd Street Cafe

I'll be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with 2nd Street. First, the love. Their breakfast and lunch options are really good. I adore their Hashbrown Skillet.

Now, the other part. And OK, "hate" is not the right word.

The service is pretty apathetic, and they once charged my husband and me $4 for waters without warning us that they charge for waters. (I know, not a huge deal, but when you do something unusual that not many other establishments do, I think it deserves a head's up.) Now, we bring bottles of water with us.

Overall, you should definitely eat here. The food is worth it. Just know that the service might be a bit neutral and the service might be a little slow. They close at 2:30, and I'm pretty sure they're closed one day per week, even though the current Google hours do not indicate as much.

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