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A Tale of Two Breakfasts

This past weekend, Aric and I went out to breakfast both days. I like to think this is because we don't have the supplies we need in the new house yet, since we're going to be remodeling the kitchen soon. It might be because we are lacking self control lately and we love breakfast.

On Saturday, we went to Toula's Trailside Cafe for the first time since we bought the house and second time overall. Both times, we had pretty much the same experience. The servers don't welcome you warmly and they're pretty curt. But the food has been great both times, and the service was quick. We're sure to be back many times because it is a short walk from our place and it's right along the bike trail.

Sunday morning, we made our second trip to Rodie's, and we ordered the same things as before, except Aric added pancakes. He'd been out kayaking four a few hours and was starving. The staff are warm and welcoming and the food is really good. We've never walked here from our place, however, it's an easy bike ride away and only about a block off the trial.

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