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Argento's in Hudson

Aric and I absolutely love Italian food! Recently, we ventured out intending to go to Carrabba's. As it turns out, next door to Carrabba's was another Italian place called Argento's, and we're always down to try out a new place, so we changed plans.

We entered and right in front of us was the bakery case. "Put a pin in that," we thought, as we were shown to our table. The restaurant was merrily decorated for Christmas. The space was large and not really partitioned at all, but somehow the restaurant still pulled off a family feel in a space that could easily have felt like a cafeteria.

Our server, whose name was Jen, was talkative without being too much so. She answered questions decisively, and never left us in need of anything: silverware, wine, water, to-go containers, etc. We'd love to have her serve us again if we go back!

Aric ordered chicken parm, his go-to, and I got a sampler of manicotti, lasagna, and stuffed shells. We both loved the beef and vegetable soup and the garlic knots. We had plenty for leftovers, which we had for lunch the next day.

Afterwards, we headed to the bakery case. Aric got a few cookies that were priced by the pound, while I wanted two gigantic cookies - chocolate chip and peanut butter. These desserts were amazing, however, I don't have pictures for you (sorry).

If you're driving on 19, and you have a hankering for Italian with a diner feel, we recommend Argento's!

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