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Breakfast at Johnny Grits

We took some time off from work during the holidays and decided to try out a new breakfast place, Johnny Grits. The atmosphere is pretty modern, and a little hipster. They have breakfast appetizers, which we're always a fan of.

At first blush, it seemed like the JG crew were experiencing some growing pains. They were out of breakfast potatoes and they didn't have any ripe avocado. Luckily, when I ordered the crab benedict (one of the special dishes for Mondays - it's $10 instead of $13), I asked for the avocado on the side. I couldn't even stab it! Also lucky was the fact that I was kind of feeling tots versus breakfast potatoes, so that worked out too.

Aric ordered a western omelet, even though they don't have those on the menu. He asked for cheddar cheese, but received American cheese, which he absolutely hates. They quickly made him a new omelet though, and he got an extra couple pieces of toast.

Overall, we liked Johnny Grits and we'll be back to give them another shot. And to try a breakfast appetizer.

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