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Consignment, Thrifts, and Antiques in the Tarpon Springs Area

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Buying a 1901 home and selling one built in 1979 comes with unique furnishing and decorating challenges. I've been selling furniture that we won't need on Craigslist and Letgo like crazy, and soon we'll have to start filling in the gaps. My mom and I got a head start this past weekend. Below you'll find a list of places we went to divided into 3 categories: A) we will be back and the prices were good, B) we will be back in the hopes of finding a good deal, and C) we probably won't be back.

A) Good Prices & We'll Be back

Designer Consignor: this store was the best laid out of any we went to. The prices were great. It's a bit small, so there wasn't a ton of furniture, but I can see us picking up items to decorate once we find the right furniture. There's even a chance of picking up smaller stuff here.

New 4 You Fine Consignment: located on main street in Dunedin (not quite downtown), there are some good finds here at decent prices. If I had a clearer picture of what exactly I want to accomplish in our bedroom, I might have bought the armoire pictured below from here. We'll definitely be back. It's worth noting the store employee was by far the kindest and most outgoing. He even offered us drinks!

B) Might Find a Deal, So We'll Be Back

Court of Two Sisters and the Upper Court: this is next to the place on the corner of Safford and Tarpon Ave. It is huge, with smaller collectibles on the bottom floor and furniture upstairs. My mom and I had a great time looking at their stuff, however, most of the prices were too high for our liking. We'll be back to try to find a bargain.

Antiques Forever: this shop is also in downtown Tarpon Springs, and I enjoyed walking through here much like one enjoys walking through a museum. It is packed with items that are pretty expensive. My main feeling was that the owners love collecting and occasionally pay too much for items that they want to resell, which results in many higher prices than I want to pay. I'll come back and see if they have anything discounted, which they had in some areas.

Starboard Home: this is a large store located on US 19. Some of their items are on consignment and others are not. This difference in sourcing may account for the wide range of prices we saw there. I'm hopeful we could find a deal at some point.

One Amazing Find: this store is also downtown on Tarpon Ave. The furniture is pretty expensive and most of it has been salvaged, meaning someone bought the furniture, fixed it up, and distressed it into shabby chic style. This is not currently my style, but who knows?

C) Probably Won't Be Back

Waterside Furnishings (Dunedin): maybe I just don't like shabby chic. This store is cute and basically in the heart of downtown Dunedin. The items mostly consisted of salvaged pieces that were painted to look shabby chic.

Last Chance Thrift Store (Palm Harbor): there's nothing wrong with this store, they just have very little in the way of furniture.

On our list to check out soon:

  • Tarapini's: this establishment in downtown Tarpon Springs was only accepting reservations.

  • Home Again Fine Furniture (Dunedin)

  • Main Street Thrift Shop (Dunedin)

  • Kimberly Home Thrift (Dunedin)

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