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Dinner at Currents and a Walk to Craig Park

Aric had a long day yesterday, working with the tree trimmers, meeting neighbors, and waiting on the Spectrum installer. The good news is: we have electricity, water, and internet now!

I met him in Tarpon Springs for dinner last night. It was raining when I arrived at about 5:30, so we drove a few blocks and parked downtown. We went to Currents restaurant for the second time ever. According to their website, they offer "Gourmet Dining in the Heart of Tarpon Springs." Currents has menu items from different genres: pasta, seafood, soups, salads, burgers, tapas, etc.

Luckily, we got in during happy hour, which ended at 6:00. We each got 2 house Cabernet wines for $5. The entrees came with house salads. He ordered chicken bruschetta and I ordered filet bolognese. I added on a lobster bisque because I'm a sucker for soup. The meals came with bread. We enjoyed our food and had no serious complaints. The one thing we'd change is the dry bread that comes out before the meals. It didn't come with butter or oil or anything! Overall, it was a lovely meal with decent wine and good service.

After dinner, we were able to walk to Craig Park from Currents because it had stopped raining. We sat on a bench, feeling right at home in our new town.

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