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Don Taco

In Spanish, the title of Don is used to show respect. Although usually followed by a first name, the owners of a small restaurant in Tarpon Springs chose to follow it with "Taco." Don Taco adjoins a convenience store on Tarpon Avenue, but don't let that deter you.

As expected, they have an extensive taco list, and you'll see the usual suspects on it: chicken, pork, beef, etc., alongside not-so-normal options like tripe. When you order (takeout only right now), it takes about 15 minutes until you have a delicious meal, and someone there is bound to offer you "Mexican Ketchup." They love giving out their condiments there.

My favorite Mexican food (or the American approximation of Mexican food probably) is a chimichanga. When I'm trying to eat healthier, I get enchiladas. Both of these meals come with rice and beans at Don Taco. My husband favors the taco salad.

Overall, if you are in Tarpon Springs and want Mexican food, you really can't go wrong with Don Taco.

[I can't find my pictures of our food, but I will take pics next time we get food from here and update this post.]

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