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Going Greek at Katerina's

We are huge fans of Mr. Souvlaki's, as it is an easy walk from our house and it was the first Greek food we experienced in Tarpon Springs. We set out to go there last night and instead decided to try Katerina's to spread our wings a bit.

There were three of us: my husband, my mom, and me. We ordered a bottle of their house red wine, and the server came back with 2 bottles, asking us to choose between them. One was $22 and one was $34. We chose the $22 bottle, and the server snapped the twist cap open and set it on the table. This experience was different than any other we've had when ordering a bottle of wine, why not even pour our glasses?

We ordered hummus, which comes with one pita, which of course we didn't know when we ordered. We instantly ordered two more pitas for $1 each. I would suggest only one extra pita. Why these places don't just give you enough pitas to eat all the hummus, I have not figured out yet.

My mom ordered a gyro. There were two gyros on the menu, the regular one and the "weekend" one. When my mom inquired about the difference, the server said something about pork and how they only have one gyro. It came with fries literally inside of the gyro. My mom preferred to eat the fries with ketchup, but the server did not return for a long time and so my mom did not eat her fries.

I ordered the pastitsio, which is basically Greek lasagna. It comes with soup or salad and potatoes, rice, or the vegetable of the day. Since the vegetable was okra, I had potatoes with my pasta. Bring on the carbs, baby. The soup was lemon chicken, which tastes exactly how you think it would. Overall, I was pretty happy with my meal.

My husband had the chicken skewers with rice, and also the soup. He said they were fine, except he would have liked to have tzatziki sauce.

At the end of the meal, I sort of expected them to offer rice pudding, like Mr. Souvlaki's does, but no luck. My mom paid the bill with a credit card and was surprised to find a credit card fee. Why did the server not mention it when she laid down the bill? We left a cash tip and took the fee back that way. Petty? Maybe.

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