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Hidden Gem: Copenhagen Cafe

In an unassuming strip center on Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs, under a sign bearing the words "Copenhagen Café," you'll find a row of tables and chairs, most likely occupied.

On Google, café is defined as, "a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks." Copenhagen Café is much more than that.

I didn't document our first or second trips to the Copenhagen Café. On the first, it was a cold (60 degree) evening and I wanted hot chocolate for dessert. We happened upon the café. I got my hot chocolate, and Aric nabbed 2 vegan cookies.

The cookies made Aric wish for a hasty return, so shortly after trip #1 came trip #2. Our quest was dessert again, and I got a very small gelato and Aric got a couple more cookies. It was on this trip that we began to take in our surroundings. Although at first you might believe you're in a coffee shop, they serve dinner every night after 5.

Cue visit #3. We went to Copenhagen Café for dinner and it was delicious. I had an amazing broccoli cheddar soup that quite possibly contained squash. Aric had a gigantic lasagna that he was able to take home and eat the next day for lunch. Both meals came with salad. Do you know how often I wish places considered soup a meal like I do? We also got bread.

Everything was great, right down to the tap water! I am not kidding about the water either. Although they don't seem to serve alcohol (and if you've read any other post, you know we love wine), this place is well worth the trip. You will not be sorry!

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