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Jimmy's Neighborhood Restaurant

Jimmy's Neighborhood Restaurant could not have been better named. As soon as you walk in, you're as comfortable as if you were in your own living room, and it won't take you long before you meet Jimmy. He's a Patriots and Boston Red Sox fan, and he might be wearing a shirt to prove it. I didn't hold his allegiances against him. He's probably still bummed the Bucs have Tom Brady anyways.

Aric and I went to Jimmy's on a Monday night to catch some football. When trying to decide where to go, we noticed a shrine to the Patriots in a corner. Since they were the headliner for the evening in a bout against the Jets, we chose to try Jimmy's.

We ordered a carafe of the house wine, thinking it was about the same amount as a bottle. It wasn't. It was bigger! I will probably get the Greek house wine next time. A bottle is enough, even if it costs a bit more than the house cabernet. I ordered a soup, of course. The clam chowder was honestly just OK. I expected a little more from a place owned by someone from Boston (sorry, Jimmy).

For dinner, Aric and I split a calzone with ham and sausage in it. We ordered a large, which in hindsight was probably a bit too large. The calzone was decent, but next time I'll probably try a sandwich (ahem, a grinder).

Overall, we had a good experience. We will have to go back after a trip to sunset beach and try something different to make it a great one.

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