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Lunch on Lake Tarpon

We finally made it to the Tarpon Turtle Grill on Sunday for lunch. We sat outside and as you can imagine, the view was incredible. Given it's July in Tarpon Springs, FL, we were a little warm, but under the umbrella sitting along the railing, we were able to enjoy a slight breeze rolling over the lake.

I had a Shocktop, lobster bisque (if you've read any other blog, you know I'm a sucker for soup), and a chicken quesadilla. Aric had a water to go with his grouper sandwich. He devoured the grouper sandwich and will have it again next time I'm sure. I think I'll try a burger the next time around. And have the the soup again, of course.

Nathan was our server, and he was really cool. He told us they have comedy there from time to time. The shows are on hold right now due to the coronavirus, however, when they get going again, we'll be there!

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