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March Madness in Tarpon Springs

No, I'm not talking about the influx of tourists. I'm actually talking about the college basketball playoffs, March Madness. We usually try to get out and take in some of the first or second round games at a sports bar. This year, we went to Johnny's.

If you haven't been for a game, you should go. If there's a local team (like a Florida college team, the Lightning, the Bucs, or the Rays) playing they will put the game sound on. Such was the case this past weekend when we were able to monitor 4 college basketball games and watch and listen to the Lightning game - all at the same time!

We were there during happy hour, which seems to be a daily thing, so we had some $2.50 Ultras and some loaded fries.

My bracket was terrible and Aric's wasn't much better, but we had a great time!

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