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Morgan Mae's Oyster House

Don't let the name fool you! Morgan Mae's offers much more than oysters, which is ideal for this blogger because even as a born-and-raised Floridian, oysters are not my thing.

We are able to walk about 10 minutes from our house to Morgan Mae's. On our first visit, we actually had a different destination in mind and decided to change plans. Upon walking in, guests are met with quite the sights. In the middle of the ceiling is an upside down boat with chandeliers hanging from it. You'll see fishing nets, figure heads, and much more nautical décor. The tables are potentially the coolest part, though. They are made from old doors and trinkets are locked away underneath the clear lacquer used to seal them.

Our inaugural, accidental tip to Morgan Mae's happened to align with their second night. The food took longer than expected, but it was really good and the owner comped our food. This kind gesture has us coming back!

We've dined at Morgan Mae's three times now. The menu items are tasty and they have great specials as well. Aric loves when they have black grouper, and when they didn't have it, he ordered the crab stuffed flounder. I have eaten both the shrimp scampi and the crab cakes. And if you've read any other food blogs of mine, you know I've tried the soups. I found I liked the chowder more than the bisque. I didn't recognize any of the wines of their list, but I've tried a couple and would recommend the pinot noir.

The service has been kind and helpful each time. We get the feeling there is a good culture of customer service at this place!

Now, something very unique about Morgan Mae's: they give you what are basically sides as apps. What I mean is: we've each gotten a delicious, warm side of potatoes and coleslaw shortly after ordering each time. I actually planned for this last time by just using the slaw as my side with my appetizer crab cake.

Long story short, if you haven't tried Morgan Mae's yet, you should!

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