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Stilt House Brewery and Michigans Hot Dogs

Let me preface this post by saying: yes, I know this site's name is Vacation Tarpon Springs, and Stilt House Brewery is in Palm Harbor. We plan on exploring many areas of the Tampa Bay area and documenting them here. Naturally, we'll focus on Tarpon Springs and nearby areas, like Palm Harbor and Dunedin.

If you take a drive down alt-19 (Pinellas Ave) from Tarpon Springs, you'll be in Palm Harbor in 5-10 minutes. Stilt House is on alt-19 on the right. The tasting room is not large like some breweries, which I found to be refreshing. Sometimes, going to a brewery can make you feel like you're in a warehouse surrounded by metal equipment. This was more like hanging out at a bar with the locals.

Our friend, Jerrod, works at the brewery and he was there on Friday night. He suggested a wit beer for me and an APA for Aric, based on our tastes. Both were great! His fiancee is also a friend of ours, so she met us there as well. Although this outing could have been mistaken as a few friends hanging out, we actually had ulterior motives.

Jerrod recently formed a company called Michigans, which specializes in Michigan-style hot dogs, and this was his first Friday night in business! We just had to try the food. I had a Michigans hot dog without mustard or onions (yes, I am aware this is sacrilege to some, but I am who I am). Aric ordered similarly, but kept the onions.

The Michigans menu is simple, with only 3 side options: baked beans, krab mac, and chips. Aric and I split the krab mac, which is cold pasta salad basically with imitation crab. We loved the dogs and the side!

We're excited for Jerrod and his new venture, and can't wait to eat some more Michigans in the near future and see him become successful!

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