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The Inn on the Gulf in Hudson

We were recently in the mood for seafood while we were in Hudson. Being that we're in Florida in a waterfront community, there are many choices. I felt like going with a little bit of a formal feel, so Aric obliged and we headed to the Inn of the Gulf in Hudson Beach.

Parking was easy and we were sat right away. The dining room is large without feeling overly so. The booths and tables are laid out in such a way that you can have privacy, but not feel lonely either. There's a lot of dark wood throughout, which contributes to the higher-end feel. The prices are reasonable.

We were feeling a little bit like snacking, so we ordered a Caesar salad to split, and two appetizers: crab cakes and grouper fingers. The food was delicious and the whole vibe hit the spot for me, especially when paired with my Coppola glass of wine!

Perhaps next time we go we'll actually order entrees - and make no mistake, we have every desire to return!

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