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The Island Hotel and Restaurant

Cedar Key is most known for Dock Street, but the central downtown area can hold its own when it comes to food and entertainment. One of the more high-end places to eat in town is the Island Hotel and Restaurant. Recently, we made reservations for a Friday night, and we were not disappointed!

The menu includes pasta, chicken, seafood, and steak dishes. It seems like they have one soup each day, and a couple of choices when it comes to starches and veggies. When we went, I had vegetable soup, couscous, and beets to go with my Pittsburgh-style steak. This was my first time having a Pittsburgh-style steak, which means the outside is charred and the inside stays pretty rare. I enjoyed it a lot! Aric chose a chicken pasta meal, which was delicious.

The wine list isn't extensive, but we did find a Chianti from Banfi we loved and would recommend.

A highlight of the evening was our server, Rachel, whose passion for what she does shines through in every interaction.

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