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Where can I eat on Monday in Tarpon Springs, FL?

If you find yourself in Tarpon Springs (especially downtown Tarpon Springs) on a Monday, you might be wondering where you can eat. Here is a list to help (although it’s certainly not an exhaustive list).

Open Mondays


· Andros Greek (open every day)

· Tarpon Tavern (open every day)

· H’ours Creole Smokehouse (closed Sunday)

· Johnny’s Taphouse (open every day)

· Orange Cycle Creamery (open every day)

Sponge Docks

· Yianni’s Greek (open every day)

· Hella’s Restaurant and Bakery (open every day)

· Dimitri’s on the Water (open every day)

· Dock’s Waterfront (open every day)

· Mykonos (open every day)

· Mama’s Greek Cuisine (open every day)

· Costas Restaurant (open every day)

· Parthenon Restaurant (open every day, closes at 5 Mon-Fri and at 8 Sat-Sun)

· The Limani (closed Tuesday)


· Mr. Souvlaki (open every day)

· Capt’n Jacks (open every day)

· Davidson’s Dockside Restaurant (open every day)

· George’s Breakfast Station (only open until 3 PM Sunday and Monday)

· Tarpon Turtle (open every day)

· Clydes (closed early Sunday-Monday)

· The Original Mama Maria’s Greek Cuisine (closed Tuesday)

Closed Mondays


· Currents (closed Sunday and Monday)

· Back Draughts (open every day except Monday)

· JoJo’s (open every day except Monday)

· Toula’s Trailside Café (open every day except Monday)

· Olive the World Bistro (closed Sunday and Monday)

Sponge Docks

· Rusty Bellies (open every day except Monday)

· Papa T’s Steakhouse

· Katerina’s Taverna and Grill (open every day except Monday)

Temporarily Closed at this Time (July 2020)

· Most breweries (takeout only)

· Tuscan Sun

· Paul’s Shrimp House

· Atlati

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