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Whiskey Wings

As usual, at the end of the work day, we felt like getting out of the house. We had driven by Whiskey Wings (which is on US-19) a bunch of times and always said we wanted to try it out, so we decided last night would be the night.

My sister joined us, so we were a party of 3. I stupidly had forgotten my mask, but the two of them remembered theirs. I was afraid of having to sit outside in the summer heat for a second, until we read a very welcome sign: "If you don't have a mask, we will provide you with one." They handed me one of the disposable masks when we walked it and they seated the three of us at a booth.

Happily, Whiskey Wings has a decent happy hour. I got a wine and Aric had a beer. The beer was so inexpensive that he would later remark, "My beer was cheaper than Jenny's sweet tea." Aric ordered a chicken sandwich, which he enjoyed. Jenny and I split a chicken quesadilla, and she had mac n cheese and I had a soup in addition. The loaded potato soup was delicious, with a ton of bacon bits. Jenny scarfed down her mac n cheese, so I assume she likes that as well.

Other than the good food, there are two more things to mention. One is that trivia night was starting as we were leaving, so look into that if trivia is something you enjoy. The other is that there are an absolute ton of TVs, so this is a great place to take in a sports game! I'm certainly more into sports than trivia, so we'll be back to watch some games.

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