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Yianni's, Johnny's, and Sunset Beach

My parents and sister came up from St. Petersburg Sunday afternoon, which was a 45-minute drive. My dad and sister hadn't seen the place yet and seemed to like it. We walked over to the sponge docks for a late lunch at Yianni's, and the walk took about 20 minutes. The service was good and the food was decent, although there are other places we'd prefer to go. One thing to note about them is there is a 3%-ish charge to use a credit card.

Later, we drove the couple of miles from our place to Sunset Beach. It was pretty crowded, but probably not as crowded as Fred Howard would have been. We sat on a bench, relaxed, and took in the sunset:

We then drove back downtown and ate at a sports bar called Johnny's, which is only a few blocks from the house. We made sure to sit inside because the outside bar was smoky. Aric had been craving a burger, which he said was great. I had a hot dog and tots, which was alright. I'll probably get something else next time. Can't wait to try this place when sports are back (we're still mid-Covid as I write this.)

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