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Newbies: JoJo's and PaPa T's

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

We spent another wonderful weekend in Tarpon Springs. On Friday night, we decided to go to a place that's almost as new to the area as we are: JoJo's Italian Diner, which is located downtown on Pinellas Ave. We made a reservation earlier in the day and when the time came, we walked over from our place.

The ambiance inside is pretty cool. You immediately feel like you're outside in Italy. We were sat right away and Larissa served us. She was also new to the area! As usual, we ordered two house wines. Larissa was knowledgeable about the menu. She informed us each table got a loaf of bread and suggested ordering anything with their alfredo sauce, so that's what Aric ate. I just HAD to try some when he said it tasted like mac n cheese and it was indeed delicious. I had cheese ravioli with bolognese sauce, and added two sausages for $5. I couldn't eat the whole thing and ended up taking half of the meal home. Aric took his leftovers home too, and ordered their lemon cake for dessert, which we both enjoyed. At first, you might be weirded out by the idea of an Italian diner, but it's delicious and it works. We'll be back.

Below are the pictures of our meals and the Italian Wedding soup.

During the day Saturday, I did some shopping with my mom while Aric went kayaking. You can find info about those topics separately.

Saturday evening, one of my best friends in the whole world drove up from St. Pete and joined Aric,my mom, and me. The four of us went to PaPa T's Steakhouse. It was the first night they were open and as such they weren't serving alcohol. Overall, we liked the food. The highlight seemed to be Kerrie's chicken sandwich. Pictures of the chicken sandwich, patty melt, filet, and ribeye meals below:

We'll be back to check this place out once they're fully up and running.

This weekend, we celebrated being new to the area by hitting up establishments that are also new.

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